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Please direct any questions regarding School Day to:  falconshotlunch@gmail.com


Please report absences to falconshotlunch@gmail.com by 9 a.m. the day-of in order to ensure that we can have your lunch available for pick up. Lunch pick-ups for absent students cannot be guaranteed to be available if your absences are not reported in this method, by this time. We do not issue refunds for student absence. You may also decide to donate your lunch to another student for any absent days.

Hot Lunch Purchase the Day-of

We do have extra lunches available for purchase from one of our parent volunteers at a table that is set up in the main floor hallway. These are available in limited quantities and can be sold once distribution is complete.

Questions about hot lunch on the Day-of

If your child has a question about their hot lunch or is missing an ordered lunch, please encourage them to notify the teacher and the teacher will send them to the volunteer table. One of the volunteers will be happy to assist.

General questions about hot lunch

If you have general questions about hot lunch, please email falconshotlunch@gmail.com directly.

Straws for Milk and Chocolate Milk

For those students that ordered milk or chocolate milk, please ensure that you send your child with a straw if you feel it is necessary. Unfortunately, we do not have excess inventory of straws to supply to students at this time. 

Booster Juice does supply straws for smoothies on smoothie day.

Forks / Cutlery

We recommend that you supply a reusable fork for your child if they require a fork for their lunch. 

Special Events / Class Trips 

Trip / Event scheduled for afternoon:

In the event that a student trip is scheduled for the afternoon, lunch will be served prior to leaving for the trip. 

Trip / Event where students are returning to the school before dismissal

If the students are returning to the school on the day of -- student lunches will be held for pick up at the end of the day.

Trip /Event where students will be absent the entire day

If students will be absent the entire day (tournament full day event), then a make-up day will be scheduled and will be communicated to parents of the impacted students.

Inclement Weather Days

The hot lunch committee will schedule a make up day for the students in the class that ordered hot lunch.  Typically these days are scheduled for the week after the scheduled hot lunch period ends. Communication will be sent out to parents when a date has been set for the make up.



If you had trouble creating your profile, please see the instructions below. We will continue to use School Day for future hot lunch programs. Parents whose children are not linked to School Day please reach out to us at falconshotlunch@gmail.com

Instructions for setting up school day are as follows:

Please direct any questions regarding School Day to:  falconshotlunch@gmail.com